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About us

Welcome to our world of fun & extravagant hair claws where our dreams come to life in various different styles.
Our business idea was inspired by my everyday usage of hair claws and I thought to myself that it would be a good idea to come up with fun funky claws that would cater to everyone’s interests so we came up with Clawtique as a way to allow everyone to express themselves through something so simple but meaningful as a hair claw and we are dedicated to designing different hair claws that represent every single one of you! We are proud of every single design we have done as far and the many more to come and we are open to hearing your ideas because we are doing this for you!

New Arrivals

Hair claws going fast gets yours now!

Delivery & Returns

Processing time consists of 1-2 weeks (the time taken to review and package your order) this doesn’t include shipping time. Any orders that are returned to us due to failure of inputting the correct or proper address will result into a small fee being charged to you to create a new label to ship back to you. As each item is in high demand and very exclusive all orders are final. Refunds are only issued if we made a mistake with your order and take full responsibility for it.

Contact Info

Any questions about your orders please address them through our customer service email. clawtique.orders@gmail.com
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